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TrainerSince more than 30 years I'm teaching Golf. All players are most welcome to my golf lessons. Beginners to Scratch players, I have already trained every level of players. My youngest student was 4 years and my oldest 92 years old.

Golf is very sophisticated and needs good coordination, balance and a lot of concentration. But everyone can learn it, I compare it with a handwriting, everyone writes differently but in the end you have to be able to read it.

My strengths are that I find mistakes quite fast and then work on the one which is easy to correct and build up your swing. Usually I just work on one specific mistake per lesson. Most of the students praise me for the simple lessons that they understand better because of their simplicity.


Beginner/Basic Course

For those who have little or no golfing experience.
Of course your family or friends are also welcome to join the course.
The course contains 5 lessons 50 minutes each.
Rental clubs are included during the lessons, practice balls are excluded (THB 40 for 40 balls).


Certificate Course

For players who want to obtain the course qualification during the holidays, which is recognized in Switzerland, Germany, actually almost all countries.
The exam will be taken by a qualified PGA Professional and confirmed directly with your golf association. In order to play in Thailand you do not need a handicap, it's just pay and play, but keep up the speed.
10 lessons 50 minutes each, Video analyses if needed or required also included, 2 x 9 holes with a PGA professional (if you pass the test there will be exam fee of THB 1.500).
Theory Test (Rule & Etiquette).
Golf clubs are included during lessons, practise balls are excluded.


Private Lessons

The classic way to book your golf lesson. "One to one", only you with the PGA professional.
The lesson lasts 50 minutes and gives you the opportunity to work intensively on individual technique or golf-specific tasks. We work intensive on what is needed to improve your game. Never mind if it's the Driver, Fairway Wood, Irons, Wedges or Putter.
Of course you can also request Video analyses.

•Daily Courses/Personal Coaching on the Golf Course

To help you achieve or even exceed your golfing goals, we'll help you improve your strength, technique, tactics and confidence for a full day.
Warm-up, Course management, Pre shot routine and an optimal mental approach are beside the technic cornerstones of a solid round of golf. We organise, coach and guide you during a round of 18 holes to train all these important points with you.
With an improved technique and a better course management according to experience you can lower your score by 6 strokes per round. After the game we will analyse your strengths and weaknesses. Which technique, tactic, or mental changes are necessary to play better and relaxed golf in the future.
Of course you can also play an EDS (Extra Day Score) card with your PGA professional to hand in at your Golfclub.


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