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Markus Altmann - Swiss PGA Member Class "AA"

TrainerI started playing golf in 1966 in Bad Ragaz, Switzerland. My dream was to become a Golfprofessional, but my father told me to learn something proper. But quickly I was back golfing and played a couple of years (1988 - 1992) on the Tour. I had to stop because I was simply not good enough to survive. No Internet, no Sponsors, Airfares, Hotels, entry fees and so on. But at the same time I hade a 3 year apprenticeship to learn all around golf. Since then I attended many further education days and trained professionals, then worked with good national juniors. Since 1994 I love giving lessons to anyone who wants to improve the game at Greenway Driving Range or Golfcourse. Give yourself a push and come have lesson!


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